About us

Not just a team

We are a passionate team dedicated to creating video games, brought together by a unique bond: our brotherhood. As both brothers and lifelong gaming companions, our partnership embodies complementary skills and a shared love for video games.

My brother excels in crafting exceptional 3D and 2D models, bringing stunning visual aesthetics to our projects. His creativity and attention to detail make him a talented artist who breathes life into our ideas.

On my end, I am the developer who transforms these captivating visuals into interactive and immersive experiences. I strive to create engaging games, showcasing my brother’s artistic skills.

But beyond our professional roles, our brotherly connection is deeply rooted in our shared passion for video games. Since a young age, we have explored virtual worlds together, discovering new adventures and sharing unforgettable moments. It is this passion that brought us together to create unique interactive experiences.

As a team, we pour our hearts and expertise into each project we undertake. Our goal is to create games that transport players to imaginative realms, captivating their imaginations and evoking intense emotions.

 We are thrilled to share our creations with you and invite you to join our growing community of gaming enthusiasts. Together, we push the boundaries of creativity and bring extraordinary worlds to life.

Welcome to our realm of video games, where art and technology converge to deliver unique and memorable experiences.

Franck JoJo

Project Manager & Game Developer

Richard JoJo

3D Modeler & 2D Artist

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